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Posted by Gary Slusser on December 23, 2003 at 17:45:04:
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: I have spent a lot of time reading postings to this website, but have not found an exact answer for the problem I'm having. Hopefully someone can help.

: Recently I replaced my old galvanized pressure tank with a new 82 gallon Flotec FP7120. I used the same pressure switch and left the settings as they were (48 on, 74 off). After calling Flotec customer service to verify, I added 6 psi to the empty but pre-charged tank to bring it up to 46 psi.

: Before the old tank went bad, we had no problems with water pressure, but now experience the water pressure falling off to not much more than a trickle without recovering (or taking a very, very long time to recover).

: The pump is not cycling frequently and is kicking on and off at the same settings is has since we moved in, in July.

: Do I need to adjust the pressure settings with this new tank? Or does this have something to do with downdraw (which I don't really understand)? Is this a capacity problem?

: Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

I dont understand what the problem is. The pressure will fall to the cut-in pressure setting on the switch, which 46 is LESS than 48 but you added air? How's that work, my gauge wouldn't do that...

So state the problem without the rest of the verbage, and we'll have another go at it. And what drawdown are you talking about; pressure tank or well? I'd be concerned about the well drawdown and a pump that can't handle it/that. The tank drawdown doesn't effect pressure perse, although the pressure falls to the cut-in setting. It sounds as if ya got bit by the bigger tank is better folks and no one looked to see what effect that would have on the pump and/or well.... Didn't you read, or is it believe, me saying here numerous times, that you can go too big?

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