Re: 1.5" vs. 2" shower plumbing
Posted by e-plumber on December 23, 2003 at 09:10:07:
In response to Re: 1.5" vs. 2" shower plumbing
: I am replacing a 35 year old bathtub with a 3 piece
: acrylic shower. I expect to find a 1.5' drain when
: I expose the plumbing. Besides the fact that new codes
: require 2" drains are there good reasons not hook up to the existing drain.

All codes are 2" for shower drains, not only new codes.
The problem is that you need to reduce a drain fitting with the flow going downstream which can lead to constant clogs in the line, snaking the line properly could be a problem as well.
The reason the drain is required to be 2" is so the water being used can be carried away quickly from the shallow shower base.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays. e-plumber

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