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Posted by steve on December 23, 2003 at 08:56:29:
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: Thanks for the response. Where can I get such a drill and what is it called? Just for clarification, the drain for each fixture has only one or two turns but these are back to back bathrooms each with tub, toilet and sink. That is where the complicated pipe layout came in.

: : There is no hope of ungluing the fitting. If there is adequate access, there are drills that will remove the piece of pipe from a fitting after the pipe is cut off. I might question the advisability of having a "complicated pipe layout" and using numerous elbows and fittings" for a drain. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible with as few turns as possible, two being the optimum number.

: : : Is it possible to "unglue" PVC pipe? My husband worked out a complicated pipe layout for the upstairs baths with numerous elbows and fittings. The final fitting was to be glued by they guy putting up the sheetrock. He didn't get the angle right and it is leaking at the fitting he glued up. To cut this all out and start again will mean days lost on the project. If I can get that one connection lose we can get it together the way it was meant to be. Is there any hope?

cut out the offending bends leaving stubs as suggested so a fernco can be used, the bends can be reused by removing the portion of pipe glueded into thefitting you can by placing the nose of a wood saw into the fitting slowly cut thrugh the pipe but not the fitting and by inserting a screwdriver prise out the pipe, this works well if the weld is recent as the fitting if old may crack. you canheat the inside of the pipe with a heat gun to soften the pipe and then remove with the screwing driver, the method i like is to apply some blue glue to the inside of the pipe and light this once the fire dies down softens the
pipe and can be flicked out with the screw driver
fernco deffinetly the answe3r if you are working between a rock and a hard place good luck

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