Re: Hot water in the cold system
Posted by steve on December 23, 2003 at 08:33:58:
In response to Re: Hot water in the cold system
: This problem is in a a new rural house. water is pumped from the lake and filtered etc. It runs 3/4" copper out of filter to a tee 1/2" to water heater and cold feed to house. When cold taps are turned on hot water comes out all of them same with a tolet flush. The lines are not crossed so cold is cold line and hot is hot. Could it be some how a problem with the pipe size creating a syphon from the hot water tank or a cross bleed in a faucet? or something else Help!!!!

you didnt mention what comes out the hot taps. do you have an isolating non return valve just prior to the water heater, if not put one in , this will stop any syphonage . are all your taps [faucets]mixer type or standard spindles with jumper valves. if it is the later and you have a shower bath or basin that you havent fitted off as yet ie no jumper valves then this could be the problem

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