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Posted by steve on December 23, 2003 at 08:15:38:
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: Two years ago we got a new septic system (500 Gallon) at our cottage which we use about 12 times a year (total of 30 days). Since we got it we have noticed a bad sewer smell coming from the toilet and sometimes outside. The drains work perfectly so we don't think it is the vent. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this?

your septic tank needs to form a "top layer" to enable the anaerobic breakdown of waste and to prevent odours from rising out of the septic and or up (hot air rises)the vent may get a smell coming out of the vent pipe depending on where it is located, height etc especially in the mornings when the air is still. To get around this all that is required is to feed the bugs in your septic ie a weekend a month doesnt give the bugs enuff tucker to mulitply to form this top layer and to sustain them untill you turn up again next month. drop in the septic a small road kill, rabbit possum or couple good handfulls of dynamic lifter or blood and bone next time you leave, this will sustain the bugs till you return. you could souce some dehydrated bugs, should be able to get these from suppliers of aerated waste water septic systems good luck

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