load and smelling shower
Posted by Tim M. on December 23, 2003 at 03:22:42:
I am looking at a house for sale that has had two new showers put in in the last year. Everytime you flush the toilets in the baths there is a rumbling water/gurgle sound coming from the shower drain. I assume from this sound that they plumbed the showers with the existing soil pipes in the baths. Is this bad? All the drains and toilets seem to be working fine. The house was built in '79.

Also there is a slight smell, not all of the time, but you get a wiff every now and then. The smell is not a strong sewer gassy smell, just a slight damp smell. Someone mentioned that there may not be traps in the showers, but if that were true, wouldn't there be a really nasty sewer gas/sulfer like smell all of the time?

Any ideas/comments/suggestions welcome!

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