Water leaking from PVC fitting
Posted by Tom's in Trouble on December 23, 2003 at 01:10:06:
15 year old house.
In my kitchen ceiling (2 story) I have a lovely little nest of pipes and a lot of missing drywall right now. I have a straight line of PVC discharge line running past 2 bathrooms. Where the guest toilet T's into that line, I have a leaky fitting. It leaked a little drip for a LONG time considering the mold and mildew I've found and killed but suddenly let go a big splat while I was out of town.
I have studied continuously for 2 days after running PVC cleaner and a little more cement (yes, I know it's an adhesive only not a sealant but a boy can dream, can't he?)
I know that I could chop and replace...due to the way it's run it would be about 8 linear feet due to the toilet T and a 45 degree T and structural consideration (kitchen cabinets over an island in the way.) The leak is now limited but still lives. Is there ANYTHING that I can do to seal this joint without tearing out my kitchen ceiling the day before my first Christmas Eve family party in my first house?

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