Washer Installation - no existing plumbing- is it DIY-able?
Posted by sw on December 22, 2003 at 15:55:58:
We've just bought a house (built 1957). it has never had a washing machine installed (prev owners used it as a vacation home). How difficult is it to install the necessary plumbing? Is it something a reasonably adept DIYer could attempt, given the right tools and some good written instructions?

We are planning to site the machine in the basement, on the wall adjacent to the main waste pipe.
It will be about 6 feet away from the waste pipe, will therefore require some pipes to be run from washer to waste - we do have enough height to be able to gravity run the waste from washer to waste.

The water supply pipes are overhead from washer - would have to run pipes down and install the faucets on the wall behind.

we have been quoted over $1800 for a plumber to install the washer plus a dishwasher - this seems like daylight robbery to me. neither of these appliances are in a very complex location - i.e. we have cut out the cabinets in the kitchen already, and the dishwasher will go right next to the sink.

any advice welcome. thanks.