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Posted by Greg on December 22, 2003 at 11:57:54:
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Are your p-traps holding water? Are your drain lines old??? Cast iron, maybe. The sewer flies snifferdog mentioned may be correct. There are actually two flies in particular that may be there: drain flies or phorid flies. Both breed in the organic scum that accumulates inside floor drains. Phorid flies,however, are often associate with sewer line breaks, which could very well be the cause of your odors. So, the bacterial agent you mentioned may work, but it may not. You may be better off finding a large scrub brush and physically removing any of the drain scum that you can reach. There is a product called fly gel, which is an enzyme that safely removes organic drain sludge. But, it won't remove it as well as physically scrubbing it yourself. Then, maybe try the fly gel afterwards.

Of course, if you have a line break, you need more than pest management. If cleaning everything up doesn't work, I'd ask Terry or e-plumber or HJ (or a reputable plumber in your area) to scope out your problem. Your overflows could also be contributing - a lot of grime can accumulate there as well, and those are usually a little tougher to access to clean.

: My drains smell. I have had all the lines snaked by roto-rooter in the past week by the odor still remains. On top of that small black flying bugs are appearing from these drains. The odor is not apparent in the rest of the house anymore just the master batroom: sink, toilet and shower. I have also put some bacterial drain cleaner in the drains but the stink remains

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