Vibrating Pipes - Not Water Hammer??
Posted by Steve on December 22, 2003 at 10:41:25:

I have a 80+ year old house with mostly galvanized pipes. The bathroom was remodeled at some point, and so the tub has copper pipes running to it. The problem that we are having is with the kitchen sink and the tub/shower. For the kitchen sink, if the hot water is left running, there is a point between too little flow and too much flow during which the pipes bang and rattle violently (turn it down, it stops; turn it up, it stops). The problem is, the "right" amount of flow for doing dishes, etc. is the point at which the banging starts. With the tub/shower, it seems to simply be a matter of flow. Once a certain level is reached, if it is turned up further, the pipes rattle/bang. The tub/shower has a single lever valve (e.g. further left is hotter). From what I've read, "water hammer" occurs only when turning water on or off, rather than while the water is running. Any thoughts/ideas on this ... how to fix?? Thanks.

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