Re: Hot water in the cold system
Posted by John Scott on December 22, 2003 at 09:42:55:
In response to Re: Hot water in the cold system
:The mystery continues. The house is a single story with the plumbing system in the basement and no recirculating system.

:Cross feed in a faucet is unlikely. Due to a pressure drop across an appliance like a water heater, the hot line would generally be at a very slightly lower pressure than the cold.

: Siphoning is unlikely, but if the water heater dip tube is broken, maybe..

: You did not mention elevations; how many story house? Is the water heater higher that the piping system in the house?

: By any chance , do you have a retrofit recirculating system to save water, ie the Laing or Metlund systems? If so , this is the answer, because a normal side effect of such systems is to have 80degree water in the cold pipe .

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