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Posted by e-plumber on December 22, 2003 at 07:33:34:
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: Hi, I have a gas boiler hot water system with baseboards that do not have bleeders. Some of the baseboards in the upper-floor rooms are not getting warm at all. I suspect I need to bleed the air.

: There are purge valves in the boiler room on the pipes that bring the water back to the boiler. (These purge valves look just like the picture above).

: Must I use a professional to bleed? Could anyone give me instructions on how to do this?

: Thanks very much,
: John

Shut off the power to the boiler, make sure the circulator isn't running. Hook up a garden hose to the purge valve, shut off the purge valve (screwdriver slot) and open the valve that controls flow to the garden hose, flush the loop(s) until steady water comes out, no air. You can put the end of the garden hose into a bucket to see excatly when the air stops. The pressure in the boiler should be replenished by the auto water feed valve.
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