Converting galvanized fittings
Posted by Jon Schniers on December 21, 2003 at 17:36:45:
Out of my well comes a 1" poly line into the house and it has a galvanized male adapter inserted in it thats leaking.I have temporarily patched it with epoxy ,rubber tubing and a hose clamp.This stopped the leak but I want to replace it.This adapter goes into a galvanized T .One side converts to 1" PVC to the tank and relay and pressure gauge.The other side reduces to 3/4" then to copper.My question is can I use a brass adapter out of the poly to a brass coupler to a 1"copper t and feed from there with the appropriate adapters on each leg? If brass isnt a good choice what else can I use I want to eliminate all the galvanized pieces.Also Im not clear on the requirements to use different metals together Thanks Jon

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