How strong a smell of gas for the house to blow?
Posted by James Craig on December 21, 2003 at 01:02:56:
In the morning when I come downstairs I very occasionally smell a faint natural gas smell by the cold air return of my furnace. I the smell has now become stronger in my garage where to furnace is. If the smell keeps getting stronger I may have to actually shut off my gas valve.

I seems like the smell appears on mornings that are a little colder than usual and not at all on average or warmer than average mornings.

Ok, I live in Southern California and so the furnace is not always required so I now leave the gas valve turned off adn only occasionally open it to use the furnace to warm up my house. The smell has never appeared while the furnace is under heavy use. I have only smelled gas when the valve is open, the theromstat is set to off inside the house and it is chilly in the garage.

I am off next week and plan to 1) do a quick check to see if I can find and stop the leak (soap test) and then if not luck 2) call a pro.

My questions are:

1) Based on the symptoms does anyone know what the problem is?

2) Any tips for my quick self test/fix effort

3) What is an appropriate path for a pro to follow .. about how much should it cost

Thanks Much,

James Craig

PS: When I was young my best friend was a brick layer's son in New Carrolton Md named Terry Love.

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