Re: Gas Dryer Venting
Posted by Peter on December 20, 2003 at 21:22:33:
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: : Thanks Hube. It sounds like that should solve any problems.

: : : ANSWER: It still has to be vented, so it is out from the wall the amount of space the vent size takes up no matter what side its on. If on the wrong side, just run vent horizontally the width of the dryer. Hube

: : FOLLOW UP: The dryer will be installed under the counter in the kitchen and if I can vent out the left side of the dryer I won't need as much space behind the dryer as I would if it vented out the back of the dryer. Therefore, I won't need a custom depth countertop.
: Cut 1 wall stud out a few inches above the vent opening, and put in a horizontal " Header" between 2 studs (approx 32")then the entire space( approx 8" x 32" ) behind the dryer will accomodate the vent pipe configuration. Then it won't matter which side of the dryer the vent is on, because now you can route the pipe any direction you want within that 8 x 32 opening in the wall.Insulation may be packed in around this space. Hube

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