Re: knocking pipes in the middle of the night
Posted by Terry Love on December 20, 2003 at 11:44:45:
In response to Re: knocking pipes in the middle of the night

You could have leaking toilets or an ice tray refilling in the middle of the night.
Check the toilets for repairs, and see if the icemaker hookup has a water hammer arrestor on it.

: Our pipes are starting to knock in the middle of the night, without water even being run -- my guess it's the cold weather.

: But it sounds like bombs are dropping all over the house...yet when I go down to the basement, it's not really happening on the heater or water heater level -- it's obviously within the loud it's even waking my toddler.

: Any possible help would be appreciated. I've read that it could be airpockets within the pipes, but why would this happen more at night rather than during the day -- just not being used?

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