Re: washer-dryer hook-ups in a new condo
Posted by hj on December 20, 2003 at 08:45:36:
In response to Re: washer-dryer hook-ups in a new condo
If it is working then I see no problem. The only thing that can happen in the future is the normal washer problems, i.e., drain or washer overflow, broken water hoses, etc., and none of that has anything, or very little, to do with the installation.

: I am thinking of purchasing a condo where the previous owner has installed a washer/dryer hookup in the guest closet. He has a small combined unit sitting there right now which he says is working fine. Is this considered a "minor improvement" in the place, or is this something I should ask to see permits for, and make sure is done up to code, etc.? What should I look out for to make sure it won't give me trouble in the future?

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