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Posted by snifferdog on December 20, 2003 at 01:08:25:
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: : : Terry and other contributors thanks for your info...Things I learned on this site and the web on toilet installing.
: : : use another set of nuts and washers to snug toilet hold down bolts to toilet flange... and then the other set to hold toilet to flange...shimming use gripping type rubber(like those jar open circles at dollar stores) on tile to prevent slippage, or no rust washers,or fluidmaster shims,or epoxy or grout on severly rocking toilets(covered with wax paper so they cure and not stick to toilet for later removal) very few articles or books tell you about shimming a toilet...use a waxless bowl ring or wax with a rubber insert...set up tolet first before permanent installation to make sure it will fit good quality toilet with 3 inch valve,
: : : 2 1/8 or better glazed trapway...screw down flange to floor for stability...put drinking straws over toilet bolts to help guide toilet not caulk toilet at base all around leave some open in back so you might see a leaky seal before it ruins ceiling below(it happened to me).. caulk(silicone) helps keep toilet from moving and breaking seal(just don't do it all around leave an opening so you can see a leak)
: : : I hope this will help other do it yourselfers on your site.
: : : Terry thanks for your forum

: : Reply:
: : I never heard of the drinking straw trick but all the other items listed are key for a proper toilet installation.
: : e-plumber
: The "trick" of putting drinking straws (large size) over the bolts, is so the THREADS are protected from DAMAGE when putting the toilet over them. Hube


After causing leaks because of a mis-aligning the wax ring and distorting the plastic safety sleeve, I devised this trick.

I put masking tape on the floor to mark the center of flange. This is put in two places, one in the front of the toilet and on one side.

I put tape on the toilet that marks the center of its exit hole, on the side and the front (actually you wouldn't need the side tape as the flange bolt hole would serve the same purpose, but with the tape you can bring it right down to the base for easier alignment).

Now while I am holding the toilet steady in the air, my assistant can guide the flange bolts in the holes and line up the tape on the floor to the tape (or flange hole) on the toilet.

Someone who puts in toilets for a living might not need to go to this effort, but I don't, so this is helpful.

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