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Posted by hj on December 19, 2003 at 23:03:05:
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Most plumbing stores either have them or can get them, but a store that specializes in solar water heaters always has them in stock.

: : Thanks for your assistance! Where would I be able to purchase a "Watts Vacum vent"?

: : A Watts vacuum vent would solve the problem. Your discharge pipe outlet must drop down lower than the pump for that to happen.

: : : : : My sump pump discharge drain pipe rises up from the pit to the basement ceiling and runs along the ceiling for about 30 ft till it exits to the rear of the house. My problem is that once the pit has pumped clear and the pump shuts off, the evacuating water in the drainpipe is still traversing along the ceiling. While the water is draining from the pipe, there is negative pressure behind the evacuating water in the pipe and air is sucked up through the pump and through the check value. This causes a sucking and bubbling sound for 30 seconds after each pumping cycle. I have been looking for some sort of in-line air vent value to relieve the pressure. Does any one know of such a vent?

: : : : Reply:
: : : : Some sump pump discharge piping has 1/8" holes drilled in the piping below the check valve to prevent airlock but that would spit water and drain quickly once the pumps shuts.
: : : : I think your problem could be a defective check valve.
: : : : Good Luck. e-plumber
: : : Actually It seems like a Atmospheric vacum breaker (similar to those on commercial toilets) would would permit air in the line when draining (negative pressure). Don't know if it would leak when pumping though? Any further thoughts?

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