Copper to plastic connection
Posted by Marty on December 19, 2003 at 11:08:55:
I am installing kitchenette downstairs and want to connect hot and cold water to the new sink. The house hs al lcopper piping and the nearest pipes are about 15 feet from the new sink and they are 3/4" copper. I do not want to cut the pipes and sweat in fittings if at all possible as there is really no room to separate the pipes to put ini a tee. Years ago I used a saddle tee for such an application that allowed me to put in 1/2" NPT. I cannot find such a brass or stainless saddle tee anywhere. So three questions:

1. Can I use PEX for in house hot and cold potable water?

2. How can I connect the PEX to the 3/4" copper pipe and then to the sink faucets?

3. Is this the best installation plan?

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