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Posted by Deb on December 18, 2003 at 22:41:42:
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: What is the scoop on sealing the base of the toilet where it meets the floor (visible to the eye)? I have been told to use caulk, tile grout, and the wax ring package says to use plumbers putty???

: I am replacing the a wax ring on a toilet that leaked. I have a porcelain tile floor. Prior to this I did nothing to the base of the toilet. If I had sealed the base, I would have never known that I had a leak, it came from under the base of the toilet.

: If I should use one of those materials, I think it would be best to wait a few weeks to make sure I have the leak resolved.

I always leave a space at the back of the toilet that I do not caulk---just for the reason you mentioned. Water will take the path of least resistance and leak out the back if the seal is bad. I almost always use caulk. It is easy to work with and cleans up with water.
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