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Posted by e-plumber on December 18, 2003 at 16:14:38:
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: I was at a family member's new home recently. Actually it was new to them. The home is almost 40 years old. Only one owner before that. The people were from the old school (meaning lived during the Great Depression).

: So they were very frugal and not too trusting of banks.

: Anyway, the man was pretty handy, but strange?
: Right in the MIDDLE of their basement sits a toilet! No stall, no partition nor walls of any kind, just a toilet! It is so weird to see this so-called throne just sitting there, in the middle of the floor. And yes, it does work! No sink, no shower just that toilet!

: Who knows what he was thinking? He passed away many years ago. His wife recently passed away. She informed her relatives to: "check her couch" before disposing of it when she passed away.
: SO they did and they found rolls and rolls of money. $750,000 worth! She (they) did NOT trust banks so they bankrolled (pun intended) their fortune in their couch. I guess they were very lucky some rats did not get into the stash and eat all that money. They would have been some fat cat rats, so-to-speak.

: This is a TRUE STORY. Never did find out why the man put the toilet in the middle of the room all by itself. Not sure if he set it on the floor drain? I'll have to check that one out.

: Happy Holidays!

I was on a renovation job several years ago, during the demo, one of the workers found 50K in small bills stashed in between beams in the attic. Believe it or not, the well to do owner of the home split the 50K with the worker, and in turn, the worker shared it with 3 others men who were doing the demo with him.

: : : I currently have just a toliet in my basement bathroom. I am wondering what my options would be to add a sink and a shower to the bathroom. Will I need to break the concrete or are there ways to build the floor up and tee the toliet drain.

: : Many times a bathroom sink can use the toilet vent for a drainage line and makes a lav addition not too tough. To add a shower, you will need to cut concrete. The shower will also need to be vented.
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