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Posted by Steve on December 18, 2003 at 15:16:04:
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I just talked to Flotec's technical person. It sounds like the max PSI that this pump can generate at 25 feet is 47psi. At 15 feet it is 53psi. Their comercial line Sta-Rite pump can generate a much higher psi at those depths. I think it is a matter of me just getting what I paid for.

Thanks for your advice about the other things to check.

: : Gary,

: : I have done all the things that you have suggested. It just seems like the new pump has nothing close to the GPM at the higher PSI that the old pump had.

: : Steve

: If you have not dealt with that old galvanized, you have not done all the things Gary suggested. The problem is most likely the 3/4 galvanized. Did you replace all the other lines between the pump and the pressure tank? Old galvanized can get really nasty internal build-up material that can cause obstructions.
: Deb
: The Pipewench
: : : : I recently replaced my 25 year old Myers Ejecto 1/2 hp jet pump with a Flotec pump. The Meyers could still get to 50 lbs without a problem, but I needed a new pressure tank and decided to also replace the pump since it was occasionally acting up. I knew that the Flotec was not as good as quality, but since I was planning on having a new well dug in 3 to 5 years and getting a submersible I thought I would be okay with the Flotec. Well, I was wrong. The new pump can only get to 46 lbs, and it takes forever to get even there. I really should have it cut out at 40 lbs.

: : : : Anyway, I want to get another pump and the Grundfos All-In-One pump has been recomended to me. Evidently, it does not need a pressure tank. Has anyone heard of this pump or have an opinion about this type of pump?

: : : : As an additional note, my supply line from the well is only a 3/4" galvanized pipe.

: : : The key to solving your problems is the galvanized and the 3/4" line. Is your pump a single line or two line jet? If two line, deep well, did you change the j-body in the well? If not, you have to, it and the pump have to mate. And one manufacturer's may not work well with anothers. They also wear out.

: : : Otherwise, you have have a blocked jet, or nozzle. Single line is in the wet end of the pump in line with the suction line, two line is in j-body of the pump in the well. You could have biomass sucked up against the water inlet to the pump, regardless of the type pump. You could have bought a pump with a different gpm rating than you had and needed for your well and system.

: : : I don't suggest a new pump. Adjust your switch so the pump shuts off by adjusting the tall screw's nut upwardly. That changes both cut-in and out equally. Then drain the tank, check the air presssure in your pressure tank and set it for your pressure range; 1-2 psi less air than the cut-in pressure switch setting, with no water in the tank. See how that works but you really can't expect adequate flow through old rusted and too small galvanized.

: : : Gary
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