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Posted by hj on December 18, 2003 at 14:37:01:
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If I were the plumber I would be looking for a leak in the hot water piping which could be why the heater is running constantly. It is losing the water as fast as it heats it, and that would also use up the gas very quickly.

: We just purchased a beach house in Mexico which is about 13 years old. There are two buildings -- front house and back apartment. Each building had a water heater, but the one in the front house seemed to be making the house smell like gas. We didn't locate any leaks with the water heater -- but then decided to move it out of the house into the back patio area, and the smell problem was solved. At the same time we got rid of the water heater for the back apartment because it was full of mineral deposits. Now the one waterheater services both buildings -- they are both very small and the patio area is between them. Since we moved the water heater we've been going through gas at a terrible rate, and the water heater was running constantly. I haven't been able to get ahold of the plumber who did the work to see if he can solve the problem -- and we're pretty anxious to fix it. I could call in someone new -- but found your website when I searched Google, and thought I'd see if you can help me. Could it be the original gas smell is a leak? -- even if it is, why would we be using so much more gas now than before. Is it because it's servicing both houses (though no one uses hot water in the apartment because it's been vacant for the past three weeks since the problem started). Could it be because all the new pipes that have been put in aren't insulated? -- would that make a difference even if we're not using hot water in the back apartment? There are also now additional hot water pipes going into the main house that aren't insulated as well. When the water heater was moved, is it possible that the thermostat went out or some settings got messed up? Thanks so much for your help!

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