hey hj, make y- our own faucet returns
Posted by jeff on December 18, 2003 at 00:20:04:
hey hj,
so, .......
i'm finally done w/my own faucet from the 11/11 (or there about) post.

several things got in the way & the shower ring w/accessories took far more time than the faucet.

in any event, bulkhead fittings, angle valves, standard fittings & some layout was all it took, no check valves - just blew them off. everything works great - not bad for someone who knows nothing about faucets.

quite interesting final product no doubt & no doubt you'd think it ....... well, whatever, but i'm pretty proud of it.

over $300 for the total shebang just in parts (yeah, think about that for a minute) but, there you go.

no one else has one.


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