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Posted by Jeff on December 18, 2003 at 00:17:43:
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: It appears that these KOHLERS run about $100 per year since they only last 8-10 years. No more Kohler for me. Any one interested in a class action. How many of these have been sold. Since it appears that they were only sold for a short time I think there may be more action now that these units are all about 8-10 years old.

: Yep, same problem! Not enough pressure in my Kohler 81100 to clean the bowl. Mine is 9 years old -- just started looking on the internet to figure out how to fix it. From reading these posts, I'm not optimistic.

: Anyone had any luck or know how to fix these things??

: Thanks,
: Brian

: : We own two Kohler 81100 Pressure Clean San Raphael toilets, both of which until recently functioned perfectly (if loudly!). One of them has stopped flushing nearly completely, and apparently service parts are no longer made for this toilet, even though it's only seven years old! Upon speaking with Kohler, they offered us $100 "good faith" coupons on both toilets, which they apparently want us to replace. We understand that the Pressure Clean mechanism has exploded in homes, causing potentially major water damage. (No wonder they want us to replace both units!) We believe Kohler's offer is absurd, because these toilets would have retailed for about $900 each when they were purchased, and any quality toilet should last decades with normal maintenance, not needing complete REPLACEMENT. Our position is that, if Kohler has such a faulty product out in the marketplace, they should recall the toilets and completely replace them with a comparable product. We would like to know how other people have handled a similar situation with Kohler.

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