Jet Pump Advice Needed
Posted by Steve on December 17, 2003 at 19:36:20:
I recently replaced my 25 year old Myers Ejecto 1/2 hp jet pump with a Flotec pump. The Meyers could still get to 50 lbs without a problem, but I needed a new pressure tank and decided to also replace the pump since it was occasionally acting up. I knew that the Flotec was not as good as quality, but since I was planning on having a new well dug in 3 to 5 years and getting a submersible I thought I would be okay with the Flotec. Well, I was wrong. The new pump can only get to 46 lbs, and it takes forever to get even there. I really should have it cut out at 40 lbs.

Anyway, I want to get another pump and the Grundfos All-In-One pump has been recomended to me. Evidently, it does not need a pressure tank. Has anyone heard of this pump or have an opinion about this type of pump?

As an additional note, my supply line from the well is only a 3/4" galvanized pipe.

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