pvc connection to cast iron waste pipe
Posted by Paul T on December 17, 2003 at 14:28:10:
I'm excavating my basement in order to finish it with sufficient head space and I like to reroute and replace my 4' cast iron waste line with pvc. I intend to cut the straight run of the vertical section of the cast iron pipe coming down from the house and tie it into pvc pipe using 4' heavy rubber gasket. Then I plan to tie the pvc back into a horizontal run of the cast iron pipe, again using the rubber gasket. Do you see any problems and should I support the cast iron pipe from above with additional pipe hanger or chain (there is a 45 degree bend at the joist area)? Also, can I encase the new 4" PVC pipe under concrete? And lastly, is it OK to pitch the horizontal section of the new pvc pipe at 1/8" vertical drop per 1' horizontal or less? Thanks for any advice!

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