Re: Kids taking 30+ min showers!
Posted by Shower Mad Dad on December 16, 2003 at 17:46:47:
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I found a product that handles shutting the water off for you!

It is a timer that cuts the water flow when the time is up but still allows just enough water to throughly rinse off.

Better yet it allows you to pick the shower time and lock it in with a security key. Very cool!

Check the web site:

It has solved all the morning bathroom disputes over someone hogging the shower and making everyone late for school.

: : I am looking for a shower timer to "wean" my kids from their homemade saunas. Something that preferably would automatically kick in when the water starts to flow and start the countdown.
: : Thanks,
: : Paul

: This comes up on this and other sites every so often. I am amazed that people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for some kind of device to limit shower times. What in the world ever happened to kids that mind and have consideration for other family members? Who pays the bills and makes the rules in your house? If you cannot get your kids to follow simple rules like not taking 30 minute showers, what else are they doing when you are not around???? This is almost beyond my comprehension.....
: Set a timer and "fine" them (heavily) everytime they go over.
: Deb
: The Pipewench

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