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Posted by ED on December 16, 2003 at 13:35:45:
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This question has also popped up numerous times.
Your pipe has soured. It is a chronic condition and will not go away quietly. Older pipes can get bacterial organisms to set up housekeeping in your pipes. Ususally this happens in older pipes that have been allowed to sit for an extended periof of time like going away on vacation, busineess trip, etc.

As you stated, it only appears after the pipe has set for awhile. That may differ though depending on the infestation by those microscopic buggers.

In a double bowl lav, often one bowl will just sit without being used frequently. Although it can happen elsewhere like kitchen sinks too.

If you use the contaminated sink on a regular basis several times a day for the next month, you may exorcise the little demons fouling up your water.

A little hope and prayer wouldn't hurt either.

BTW- These little stinkers' actions are not causing anything that will harm your health. Just flush the little trolls down the tubes before using the water!

Thanks for the opportunity to be a little colorful in my language. Everything I have said is serious and factual. Not pulling any legs here!

: I have a single story home with dual sinks in the master bath. An odor of "sewer gas" comes from one of the sinks -- only first thing in the morning and only in winter. This phenomenon has been going on for several years but because we have a short winter in Arizona I have ignored it until now. The odor is definitely not hydrogen sulfide. After running water in the sink for about a minute the odor disappears and does not reoccur until the next morning. The sink is used frquently during the day and there is always water in the trap.

: I would appreciate your advice.

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