Re: Need help with Toilet Install - Not Level!
Posted by Ophie on December 16, 2003 at 11:16:51:
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: We had the plumber put this in before the tile was set. We knew that the existing flange would end up below the floor once the tile was complete. It's just an extension piece that is screwed into the old flange. Are there shorter extensions available? If not, if we use the shims, should everything be ok?

: Why is the flange a 1/2" above the floor? It should be sestting on the floor. Most toilets are not level on the bottom because the manufacturers do not grind them after final processing. You have to install shims under the toilet to eliminate the rocking, then caulk the seam.

: : We are installing an American Standard Cadet Elongated toilet for a 10" rough in. We had the plumber install an extension flange so that it sits above the finished tile surface by about 1/2". We installed the wax ring, set the toilet, and tightened the bolts. However, the front of the toilet bowl is about 1/8" higher than the floor. No matter how we adjust the toilet, we cannot bring the front flush with the floor. When you sit on the toilet, the front compresses. So, even if we caulk the gap, the caulk will crack over time.
: : We talked to a contractor and he suggested putting something rubbery underneath as a shim and then caulking. This doesn't sound right to me.

: : We took off the toilet and then rested it on a flat level surface. We noticed that the toilet bowl does appear to rock slightly from front to back. Shouldn't the bowl be completely level from the manufacturer?

: : Are we dealing with a defect in the bowl or are we doing something wrong?

: : Thanks!
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