Kitchen faucet
Posted by Wally on December 16, 2003 at 09:41:32:
I am replacing our kitchen faucet and have been looking at the pullouts.
I do use our sprayer a lot so I need one. We take our water from the small lake next
to our house and tho it is filtered(our drinking water is distilled), small particles
still get through. I clean the inflows to the washing machine every few months.
I am concerned that if I get a pullout kitchen faucet and the holes get clogged in the
sprayer, then I may be out an entire faucet. I am now thinking of getting a regular faucet
with the separate sprayer. I would like a better quality sprayer, tho, as the one I am using
now, a Price Pfister, does not have the pressure. With the lesser quality, and maybe all,
sprayers, there is no way to clean the head. I was told at Home Depot that if the sprayer
head gets clogged to just throw it away. Can you recommend a good quality faucet w/sprayer?

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