Re: Shower valve/pipe leaking in wall.
Posted by hj on December 16, 2003 at 07:42:33:
In response to Re: Shower valve/pipe leaking in wall.
No, because every part that could leak when the hot water is turned on, also has water in it when the cold water is used. Therefore it should leak with either hot or cold water.

: I have a PP three handle tub and shower fixture in a tub/shower combo. After taking a shower, water is noticed in the basement below the shower. I've replaced the valve stems and seats in all three handles making sure to use plumbers grease and teflon tape on all threads. The leak only occurs when the hot water is on during a shower meaning I can take cold showers without a problem (burrrrr). I've ran both the hot and cold water into the tub and don't have any problems. I've enve ran the cold water through the shower and not a drip. I can't figure why only the water hot throught the shower pipe leaks. Any ideas or suggestions?

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