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Posted by ED on December 15, 2003 at 14:50:14:
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You can not tie directly into either the floor drain or the pipe coming out of the floor. Either one or both of these pipes have traps. You can not set a toilet on a trapped drain. It would not flush properly.

As e-plumber said, there will be a 3inch drain pipe or larger under the floor. If you see a waste pipe running down your wall, etc. into the floor, you will want to tie into it. This will involve a lot of effort and expense, such as excavating the floor, installing new pipes under th4 floor, etc. It would be wise to consult a plumber, if you are inexperienced.

: : I have laundry in my basement, and a sink. The only plumbung drains are a floor drain and a pipe sticking up from the floor. How do know if this drain is ok for putting in a bath or just a shower. My home was built in the 40s.

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: You would need at least a 3" pipe underground to have a toilet installed, you do have one, the question is how far away is it from the proposed basement bathroom? Only a licensed plumber would be able to advise you after seeing the conditions.
: Good Luck. e-plumber

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