Sewage ejector outlet
Posted by MarkDIY on December 15, 2003 at 13:23:32:
My sewage ejector basin is located a few feet "downflow" of where I can tap into the horizontal sewage line. (In other words, when facing the basin, the flow of the horizontal sewage pipe along the ceiling goes to the right, but the outlet pipe coming out of the sewage basin travels to the left, goes up about 9 feet and curves toward the right into a wye.)

I installed a 1/8 wye (3 x 3 x 2) where the 2" take-off is roughly at about an 80 degree angle toward the ceiling. I then used 3 one-hub street fittings to curve it down and around toward the basin.

My question is will the ejector pump have any issues with sending the waste through these curves?

The only thing else I could do is tap into a 4" portion of the horizontal sewage line about 10 ft. to the right (downflow) of the basin. I would still need quite a few curves to get it higher than the level of the sewer line so I can drop into the wye. Thoughts?

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