Re: low water volume
Posted by Hube on December 15, 2003 at 10:53:02:
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: I am still having problems with very low water volume in my 2 story house. Water pressure has always be lower on the second floor which is understandable but lately if the washer is running or a toilet is flushed there is no water on the second floor at all.

: I am on a 160 foot well with a 3/4 hp pump at 140 feet with at static water level of about 30 feet.

: My pressure tank is about 15 years old and is a 20 gallon tank. The pressure switch is a Square D which is set for 30/50.

: I have set the pressure in the tank to 28lbs but I still have little ot no water on the second floor and the washer takes for ever to fill.

: Does anybody have any ideas what might help correct the problem?
Jeff, like i mentioned in the answer i gave a few days ago, have you tried raising the switch pressure to maybe 35/55, or 40/60 and see if this helps? Hube

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