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Posted by HJ on December 15, 2003 at 08:29:31:
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How old is the house? If it is very, very old it could have clay tile pipes under the floor and those are notorious for not being sealed against backpressure from a main line stoppage. First you have to correct the problem of the sewer not draining properly, and then you can address the problem of the leak through the floor, although once the drain is working the water problem will go away until the next time it happens. An insurance company would probably consider it age rather than a spontaneous failure and thus not cover any portion of a repair or replacement. If this is a newer house none of the above applies and you have a broken pipe, but you also still have a plugged main sewer.

: I'm a new home owner having trouble with the pipes under my basement floor. The problem started with water backing up from the floor drain whenever I emptied a sink, flushed a toilet, did laundry, etc. Recently, whenever a bath is emptied water comes seeping up through a network of extensive cracks in the basement's concrete floor. Am I dealing with some sort of catastrophic breakage due to pipe corrosion? If it is indeed galvanized steel that I am dealing with, than my insurance will not cover the repairs. Am I looking at something that is going to cost me an arm and a leg?

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