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Posted by e-plumber on December 14, 2003 at 18:31:07:
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: I have black pipe gas lines in my home going to the stove, furnace and hot water heater. I want to tap into the line to install a gas-log unit in my fireplace. I know where the pipe comes into the house but after cutting several holes in the walls and ceiling where I thought the pipe should be, I still can't find it. Anyone know if there is a way or a device to detect the gas lines in the walls or ceiling without cutting up the whole house?

Black steel gas lines are usually installed in direct paths to the gas appliances; furnace, WH, stove, etc.
One way to find it would be to locate it where it connects to the furnace, open the ceiling or wall and you'll see which direction it runs.
Keep in mind that installing gas lines is not a DIY job. Here, (NY) licensed plumbers are the only people allowed to perform these installs.
The work is supposed to be filed and inspected by the building dept.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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