Gas Dryer Venting
Posted by Peter Ashmore on December 14, 2003 at 12:38:19:
Seasons Greetings. We are remodelling our condo kitchen and will install new under-the-counter washer and gas dryer. Because of the layout of our kitchen and neighboring buildings we need to put the dryer on the left and washer on the right, and we also need a gas dryer capable of venting out the left (left as you look at the dryer from the front). Although I have seen many right, rear and bottom venting options for gas dryers, left-vent options are scarce. I found one - the GE model DSXH43GWH that says it vents to the left. It seems that the GE gas dryers have a different burner configuration than other brands and that it might work. However, our sales person says there are NO gas dryer that vent left. GE hasn't responded to my request for info. Can you give me a difinitive answer and any information on left venting gas dryers? Thanks for your help.

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