Portable wash machine
Posted by Trapped on December 14, 2003 at 12:18:29:
Live in third floor apt. Simply too old to do laundry in basement. Bought Kenmore heavy duty portable. Two hoses from back of machine attach to one gadget which attaches to faucet spout. Water drains into sink from bottom hose in gadget. Water flows into washer from top hose in gadget. When washer is filled and it "shuts off" the inflow, water pressure till I get to the faucet to turn off the handle, causes leaks under the sink, probably from the sink sprayer. and also wears out the washers in the faucet more quickly.
1. If I fill the washer by pouring water directly onto the clothes, will it still "shut off and start agitating" at the proper water level?
2. Will any of the water back up out of the hose inlet I won't be using? In other words, can I cut the hose where it connects to the machine and redirect it directly onto the clothes without having to "plug it" at the back of the washer?
P.S. I will probably have lung cancer some day from all the "spraying" I do :-)

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