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Posted by Jon on December 13, 2003 at 23:14:53:
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: : : : Is it OK to sweat a copper street elbow directly into a brass valve (for a shower) or is it better to sweat a short lenght of pipe into the valve and then sweat an elbow onto the pipe. The first option is obviously easier, I also worry about trying to sweat to joints that are going to be so close together (is there a recommended minimum distance between sweat joints?).

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: : : Using a street fitting is okay. It is a good idea to sweat all fittings that are close together at the same time. Because heat rises, I start with the lowest fitting and work my way up. You will probably want to remove the insides of the valve--the cartridge, disc, stem--what ever it has.
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: : Does disassembling before sweating apply to all valves? (Stop, gate, etc.) This particular valve has an anti scald valve and built in stop valve, should I take everything apart?

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: Not to all valves but you should remove only the "guts" for the shower faucet before soldering.
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Thanks, this info is very helpful. By guts do you just mean the plastic cartridge or should I also remove the two stop assemblies and the anti scald valve assembly (which looks to have a lot of rubber O rings.

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