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Posted by e-plumber on December 13, 2003 at 22:27:55:
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: : : Is it OK to sweat a copper street elbow directly into a brass valve (for a shower) or is it better to sweat a short lenght of pipe into the valve and then sweat an elbow onto the pipe. The first option is obviously easier, I also worry about trying to sweat to joints that are going to be so close together (is there a recommended minimum distance between sweat joints?).

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: : Using a street fitting is okay. It is a good idea to sweat all fittings that are close together at the same time. Because heat rises, I start with the lowest fitting and work my way up. You will probably want to remove the insides of the valve--the cartridge, disc, stem--what ever it has.
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: Forgot to ask, The valve is assembled with pipe compound or teflon tape. Should I use either when reassembling?

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There shouldn't be any teflon or dope on the part of the faucet that you need to disassemble to remove the internal parts before soldering. Unless the shower faucet will have seperate shut offs you should install integral stops.
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