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Posted by My wife is gonna kill me :( HELLLLLLP!! on December 13, 2003 at 12:34:47:
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Also u find that the Qest 1/2" coupling that I would use work well?? Just so I know we are talking about the same thing....this is what I am thinking of using??

Part number QAC33 Plastic Coupling - 1/2

: I use the Qest fittings when necessary. How old is the house because if it is within the guidelines I would be thinking about getting the PB replaced before your time runs out and then it fails.

: : Hi,
: : We (or actually me) accidentally cut one of our Polybutylene 1/2" pipes in our basement in half :( It's a clean cut. It supplies the hot water to our washing machine. So basically I need to re-join those two pieces of 1/2" Polybutylene back together.

: : I have been doing some research and it seems like the "Qest" or "Flair-It" compression fittings would be very easy and cost effective to get the job done.
: :
: : Is it really as easy as just tightening the nuts like any other compression fitting?? And it won't leak?? If Terry or any other knowledgable plumber could reply I would great appreciate it!
: :
: : Thanks!

: : P.S. Should I go with the Qest or Flair-It fitting??

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