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Posted by George on December 13, 2003 at 11:12:26:
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: We have the same exact problem, except the popping pipe is in the hall wall next to our master bedroom. It's a wonderful sound at 2:00am when our teenager prefers to shower. Seven pops guaranteed to wake anyone out of REM sleep. The galvanized steel pipe is very close to the hot water heater so I'm thinking that the hot water is causing it to expand? I'm slowly converting over to copper, perhaps once I do this section the problem will go away. Any one out there have any ideas.
Thanx for reading; George

a new constuction home. Evertime we use our hot water, either at the sink or tub, or by using the diswasher or washing machine, we hear a popping sound coming from either the hot water pipes downstairs or the water heater. Is this normal and will stop with time or is there a problem

: Thanks in advance

: Tim

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