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Posted by hj on December 13, 2003 at 09:01:39:
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For the sink you have to consider that you should not even be considering doing it. You are on the cusp between a DIY job and one requiring a professional. From the question, I am inclined to suggest having a plumber install it because it will be very easy to create a system that will have problems for the rest of its life.

: We are finishing our basement and want to add a bathroom with a toilet and sink. No plumbing was roughed in, so we'll be starting from scratch. The supply lines will be easy to add off of existing lines feeding the first floor, but what I am worried about is the drain lines. I have two questions: 1) For the sink, I was thinking of tapping directly into one of our stacks (3" PVC) with a saddle fitting. It seems easy enough, but what do I need to consider? Do I need any type of backflow preventer in case the soil line ever is clogged so I can prevent my basement from filling with waste water from the utilities upstairs? 2) For the toilet, I really want to avoid busting up my slab to put in drain lines. Could a wall mounted toilet which drains out the back (through the wall not the floor) be installed so that it could be tied into a stack as well (and vented appropriatly)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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