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Posted by hj on December 13, 2003 at 08:58:44:
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You need about one pound for every two feet the highest radiator is above the boiler plus about 3 to 5 psi additional. For your purposes the standard 12-15 psi should be adequate, but that is not the reason for the boiler, (not a furnace) operates frequently. The circulation through the system is very poor so the boiler can reach its high temperature limit very quickly and shut off, then when the heated water is finally circulated out, the burner turns on again. If the circulation were proper, the water would be moving out of the boiler as it was heated and the burner would stay on either until the entire system was was up to the cut off point, or the house was warm and the thermostat shut the burner down.

: I'm having a problem with my furnace. It's a not so new hot water furnace. It seems to turn on an awful lot. I would say about every two or three minutes. I don't think it has to keep that sort of cycle. Is there any way to adjust that? I am really dumb when it comes to these things but can understand if explained. Could anyone help?
: Plus, how many pounds of pressure should I have for a two story house with baseboard heat?

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