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Posted by Hube on December 13, 2003 at 07:46:40:
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: : : I am having a problem with very low water volume is more than one faucet is opened the second has hardley any flow at all.

: : : My pressure switch is set to a cut on at approximately 30 lbs and off at aproximately 50 pounds of pressure. My pump is a 3/4 hp submersible at approximately 140 feet and the static water level in the well is approximately 30 feet.

: : : I have a 2 story house and there is little difference on the secod floor. Any ideas?

: : : also should the air pressure in the tank be set with the tank empty or at pressure?

: : The air should be set with the tank EMPTY and all taps closed off. Set psi 2 lbs. below the cut-in setting .(a bicycle pump will do).. You can adjust the pressure switch to be a little higher (35-55) and see if that will help. But FIRST, try the existing settings once you have put the proper air in the tank. If you don't know HOW to increase the switch to the new settings, post back with the type and model of switch. Hube

: I have a compressor and can set the pressure with out a problem. I was curious about the tank size though. The house is a approximately 2700 SQFT 2 story and the pressure tank is a 20 gallon tank. I see that lowes and home depot sell tanks in the 86 to 120 gallon sizes for relatively reasonable prices. Would replacing the tank be a worthwhile investment?
Jeff; A 20 gallon tank will give approx 5 gallons of water,.This known as DRAWDOWN... the higher the pressure settings,the less water. The tanks that HD have are very misleading. A 80 GALLON TANK WILL STILL ONLY GIVE ACTUAL 10 GALLONS. These tanks are sizes are given in CUBIC capacity, but its the actual gallon DRAWDOWN that counts. If your pump is capable of supplying a larger tank then go for the bigger one . This prevents the pump from cycling too often. Note; A proper pump cycle should run for at least 1 minute, this gives the sub pump time to cool down . Hube

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