Re: burst galvanized steel watermain
Posted by Jon on December 13, 2003 at 02:21:05:
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Thanks for the replies. I had forgotten to mention, the plumber originally said that it would cost $800-$1200 to replace the pipe and $300-$500 to repair it. From your replies, I suppose it is better that I did get it replaced, even though the plumbing company probably should have determined what type of pipe I had before giving me the original estimate. My house was built around 1940 and, to my knowledge, still has the original external plumbing with the exception of the new plastic water delivery pipe.

Yhe new pipe is a white, very flexible, plastic pipe. From the information I gathered regarding this type of pipe, it is durable and strong, capable of resisting a lot of external pressure (like from tree roots). But has anyone encountered any problems with these pipes, like them bursting, freezing or being dented easily? Is it better to wrap the pipe with an insulation sleeve that they sell for pipes and/or some type of casing to further protect them from things like tree roots, which I have a lot of nearby?

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