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Posted by Bob O'Donnell on December 13, 2003 at 01:04:04:
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I have multiple leaks. Re-plumb.

I hired a leak detection company. They can only get close. I have radiant heat -so, in the process of reaching the copper pipe they will destroy some elements of the radiant heat tubing.

I'll use copper for the new lines in the space between the first and second floors. It's easy to work with and copper isn't that expensive. Plumbers are of course. Might do it myself. Only one bid received from a plumber they want $4000. Figure I can do it for less than $100.
Don't forget protection from freezing.

Good luck.

: I have a hot water leak somewhere between my water heater and one of two baths. Plumbers seem split on the opinion as to: 1) hire a leak detection company, then jackhammer the floor to repair the leak; or 2) go up into the attic and re-plumb the two bathrooms. I'm leaning toward the replumb because my reseach indicates that copper pipe leaks are common in concrete slab homes. I'd appreciate your thoughts - and if you agree that re-plumbing thru the attic is the way to go, then what type of piping material do you recommend (copper, pvc, pex, poly, etc) ?

: Thanks in advance for you help !

: Jeff..

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