Backed up basement floor drain
Posted by Clay H on December 12, 2003 at 23:01:33:
ok, here is my problem. I have a raised ranch with a floor drain in the basement next to the H20 heater & furnace. My upstairs shower was running and the floor drain was over flowing, after that any water running would cause the drain to over flow. I plunged the toliet in the basement and something seemed to clear out and the drain emptied. I have a clean out installed in my front yard and it seemed to be expelling water at a reasonable rate?? Any ideas on what needs to be done, I had the clean out power augered out about 18 months ago, and nothing but toliet paper goes in the drains in the house. This is becoming a recurring problem and seems to ne very unhealthy dirty to have this drain over flowing all the time, I need some help...thank you.

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